For more than four decades, Eduardo Dorfmann Aranovich & Cia. Attorneys has been rendering legal services for its client’s in the South of Brazil.
Initially, dedicated to the traditional Commerce Law and now Business Law Eduardo Dorfmann Aranovich & Cia. Attorneys handle matters in almost all areas of the law that are related to Business Law such as Labor Law, Intellectual Property, Tax Law, Family Law, Contracts, Public Law, Litigation and etc.
With its headquarters in Porto Alegre, RGS, the Law Firm has also developed among the years several partnerships with other Law Firms situated in the main capitals of Brazil, which includes São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasília. The firm also has a representative office in Los Angeles, California.
The Law Firm practice is characterized by the personalize treatment to its clients, which represent the traditional essence of the law practice and in the modern concept is called “Boutique Law Firm”.
Compromised with ethics and with its transparence and excellence as the essence of the law practice the firm continues always in search of knowledge. The dedication and expertise of the Firm’s professionals is always complemented by the experience of the main senior partner, Eduardo Dorfmann Aranovich, that supervise almost all the work that is done inside the Firm.


Founded in 1967, Eduardo Dorfmann Aranovich & Associates, Law Firm was born from the ideal of the young students Eduardo Dorfmann Aranovich, Estevão Valmir Torelly Riegel, Marcos Flávio Soares and the already graduated Sérgio Leitão Barreto. Irrespective of his partners’ subsequent choices of a public career and judgeship, Eduardo Dorfmann Aranovich, Esq. has remained at the head of the firm for more than four decades. During this time it has expanded and developed its initial scope through the professional competence and ethics based on sound knowledge.
Throughout this trajectory, a significant number of recently graduated lawyers received their professional training under the shelter of this firm’s tradition, which has maintained its focus on the area of business law, with proven expertise and knowledge.
The fact that Eduardo Dorfmann Aranovich has worked as a Commercial Law Professor in recognized universities in Rio Grande do Sul further highlights this firm’s expertise.


To provide professional, personalized services, seeking efficient solutions through transparent and honest communication.


Efficiency and Responsibility;
Transparent and honest communication.